Saturday, October 3, 2009

PET practice.

This is part of a letter you received from some English friends.
...'For our next holiday, we want to visit your country. Is it best to spend our time in a city or in the countryside? Which would you recommend and why?

Write a letter, answering your friends' questions.
Write your answer in about 100 words.

Dear Michael,

How is it going? Thank you for your last letter.

If I were you I would spend time in a city because you will have a lot of things to do, for example you will go to the shopping centre because you can go bowling and watch a film there.
You will go to the beach too. There you can play football, volleyball, swim in the ocean, etc. (Imagine that!)

If you are interested in paintings you can go to art museums or historic museums.
Now I'm going to go to my grandma's house.
Write back soon,


PET practice.

Dan, an American student who is staying with you, wants to go to the cinema tonight with you and your friends.
Write a note for Dan. In your note, you should
* tell Dan which cinema you are going to
* say what film you plan to see
*suggest what time you will meet Dan.

Write 34-45 words.

Dear Dan,

Thank you for your e-mail. We are going to go to the shopping centre to watch the film. We're going to see 'Harry Potter 6' because it's an action film and a very interesting film. We will meet at 4 o'clock.
See you,


THEATRE PLAY: Stonehenge

Dear Gonzalo,

How is it going? I'm going to tell you about the play 'Stonhenge'. Imagine I'm Scott.
In the past I had to recover my girlfriend's memory. If she didn't recover her memory I couldn't come back to the present.

My uncle Tim gave me a machine called 'The time surfer' to travel on time. When I arrived to Stonehenge I fought with Igordin and Dawldrin when the fight finished they helped me because they thought I was their Master. I went to find my girlfriend Kate but Kate went to talk with Igordin. When they saw Kate thought that I had transformed into a woman.

Finally I found Kate and Igordin and Kate recovered her memory and then we returned to the present.
Bye bye,